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vibrant unknown enters my soul forcing it's way into my bones god help me in order to subsist the parasite must feed and deep beneath my skin i feel it live and breathe move through me at your leisure i bend back for your pleasure forced into existence, wrapped around my spine shapeless, formless whispers clawing at my mind parasitic spirits take me as their host feeding on my marrow, seep into my skull i fall victim to your embrace, reduced to a sliver a lobotomy of the brain as my senses wither maimed beyond recognition, i can see you clearer erasing me of my name vibrant unknown enters my soul forcing it's way into my bones dragging me down into the fold consciousness fades, only the cold taken by a violent entity
W H A T I S Y O U R P L E A S U R E ? bent blades caressing, dancing around my skin excising my flesh, processing me like a pig infesting my mind, index me bit by bit devoid of pleasure, pain is a new release rebuke our names in familiar tongue spiteful rage spilling forth let the pain take its course only action, no remorse petrified by the thought of opening my eyes detaching my optic nerve in attempts to remain blind a reel of flashing images plays in my mind my former self reflected in the chrome of the blessed knife the mind unravels, revealing itself to itself the body cries out, exposing your ruined soul exploring the boundaries, separate flesh from bone adopting a new face, shedding the human form P A I N R E S H A P E S M E passing through the final threshold all i feel, all i feel is the way the blades puncture my skin all i feel, all i feel is power all i feel, all i feel is pleasure all i feel, all i feel is passion all i feel, all i feel is pain
I SEE YOU 02:10
hiding. waiting. preying. running. ending. feeding. i am the shape moving towards you from the dark as of late i’ve been up to no good i’ve been watching from the outside in draped in blue from the light of the moon i see you i would keep your body parts in plastic wrap beneath overwhelming scents and tastes just waiting to be freed embalming fluid in your veins so you cannot decay nothing else would ever come between us, you and me so tonight i’ll be up to no good i will come inside to get a better view in the mirror of a blade stained red i see you you should have been watching maybe you could have stopped me there was no fear there was no hesitation there was nothing you were nothing to me anyway until next time


released January 5, 2024

written/performed by robbie grantham
tracking/mixing/mastering by @leedyess
additional drum programming by @salemvex
additional vocals by @matthewzagorski






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